Do you know your food’s roots… and the ones that harvest? Get to the Gaffney Station Farmers Market so you will know your foods and the farmers that grow them. There’s nothing like fresh, locally grown produce – biting into a fresh juicy tomato on a summer day or a tasting a fresh ear of corn hot off the grill at a backyard barbecue. The explosion of taste in fresh fruits and vegetables can seem out of this world, and it is available right here in Gaffney. While locally grown food is also sold in some supermarkets throughout the city, there’s nothing like the taste of a veggie that slept in the garden the night before it was purchased.

Gaffney Station Farmers Market is an open-air market that operates at 210 West Frederick Street (Gaffney Visitors Center/old post office parking lot).  Vendors will set up to show off their fruits, vegetables and crafts of their labor. Interested vendors can purchase permits by the day or for the entire season. Permits are $5 per space, per day for Tuesday and Thursday, $10 per space, per day for Saturday, and $30 per space, per person for the season for county residents and $50 for the season for non-residents.

There are some exciting announcements, changes, and events coming soon for the market. Follow Gaffney Station Farmers Market on Facebook so you don’t miss out. This year’s schedule will include opening Saturdays beginning May 5th from 8:30 a.m. until noon. Starting June 5th, the market will also be open every Tuesday and Thursday from 3 until 6 p.m. through October. Each day sales will begin with the ringing of a farm bell.