Farmers Market

The Gaffney Station Farmers Market

 The Gaffney Station Farmers Market is located in the parking lot of the Gaffney Visitors Center & Art Gallery at 210 West Frederick Street. Items sold at the Market include fresh fruits, vegetables, and other produce, as well as other raw agricultural products including Christmas trees, firewood, flowers, honey, potted plants, shrubs, and ornamentals that comply with the guidelines of the SCDHEC, SCDA and/or USDA, as well as artisanal handicraft or handmade artisan craft items.

Producers and Non-producers must PRE-purchase required permits from Visitors Center staff. For permit prices, contact the Gaffney Visitors Center & Art Gallery at (864)487-6244. Support our local economy by supporting our vendors and growers, Save in fuel demands by purchasing Cherokee County, SC produce rather than creating demands of having produce shipped in from across the country (or world). Eat FRESH as most produce is picked within hours of Market sales.

Dine in with our farmers at the annual Farm to Table Dinners. The market hosts two Farm to Table Dinners each season to engage the community, educate people on the benefits of eating fresh produce, and to bring awareness to the market.

Get Into Gaffney by Getting Into the Gaffney Station Farmers Market! If you’re a farmer, join us as a vendor. If you’re a citizen or visitor, this is a great way to truly shop locally.

If you have questions, please contact the Gaffney Visitors Center and Art Gallery at (864)487-6244.

Be sure to follow the market at

2021 Farmers Market Season Schedule

Spring Market (Saturdays only)

Saturday, April 10th – Saturday, May 29th


Summer Market (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays)

Tuesday, June 1st – Saturday, September 11th


Fall Market (Saturdays only)

Tuesday, September 15th – November 20th