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In 1975, the South Carolina Legislature enacted into law Act No. 283 which is now known as “The Home Rule Act.” This Act required municipalities to adopt by ordinance one of the three prescribed forms of local government. On September 7, 1976, the City of Gaffney adopted the Council Form of Government. The legislative body of the government of the City of Gaffney is comprised of a Mayor and six Council members. The City is divided into six districts and each district is represented by a Council member who resides in the district. The Mayor is elected at-large by the citizens and serves four-year terms. Members of City Council serve four-year terms and are elected by the voters of the district in which they reside. Elections are held every two years (even-numbered years) and are held on the second Tuesday of August.

Mayor Dr. Randy Moss

Councilman Harold D. Littlejohn Sr. – District 1 Councilwoman Missy Reid Norris – District 4
Councilwoman Stephanie Smith – District 2 Councilman Kim F. Phillips –      District 5
Councilwoman Monita Dawkins – District 3 Councilwoman Kasey Dill Carnley – District 6

For contact information for the Mayor and City Council, please call (864) 487-6247.

About City Council


Mayor Dr. Randy Moss

Councilman Harold Littlejohn (District 1)

Councilwoman Stephanie Smith (District 2)

Councilwoman Monita Dawkins (District 3)

Councilwoman Missy Reid Norris (District 4)

Councilman Kim F. Phillips (District 5)

Councilwoman Kasey Dill Carnley (District 6) 

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