Smoke Detectors

The Gaffney Fire Department installs smoke detectors in owner occupied houses of needy citizens in our district.  Please contact the main station (864) 487-8516 located at 205 N. Limestone Street for assistance.  If you rent your home then please contact your landlord, they are legally bound to provide smoke detectors for you. 

Open Burning

The City of Gaffney has a no open burning ordinance.  Under some circumstances the property owners can obtain a burn permit.  Please contact the main station (864) 487-8516 located at 205 N. Limestone Street for assistance. 

Why fire trucks respond to wrecks?

The Gaffney Fire Department responds to all wrecks in the fire district to provide first response medical care, assist with traffic, provide extrication when needed, and to control and hazardous material spills

Why did a fire truck respond to my house when I called for an ambulance?

The Cherokee County 911 center screens all calls and when it is determined that the medical call is severe enough and the local fire department can provide basic life support they are dispatched.  The Gaffney Fire Department responds on all severe life threatening emergencies.  All firefighters are trained in CPR and basic first aid.  We carry AED’s (Automatic External Defibulators), oxygen, first aid supplies and CPR equipment on all first out equipment.  This is a service we provide the citizens of the district.  The fire department can be closer than the ambulance to provide these services in a quicker response. 

Why do I see the fire trucks out when there is not an emergency? 

The firefighters are always ready to respond to emergencies. The crews are always left together  so they may be doing training, fire inspections, pre fire plans, plant tours, installing smoke detectors, or simply out grabbing their lunch or dinner.  We strive to keep all trucks inside their main response area when feasible.  The main misconception is that when a truck is not at the station they are not able to respond to “my” residence.